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Gutter System

Do you have a couple of damaged or missing tiles that need quick replacing before bad weather comes? Have no fear, Deans Roofing are here (to help)!

From a psychological point of view, a large number of people have a phobia of getting in touch with roofing contracters for small jobs with a fear of being criticized for time wasting. This is not the case with Deans Roofing. We value all of our customers and will be happy to deal with any enquiries you might have. Giving us a call early in the morning could even result in the tiles being replaced on the same working day! This of course depends on the weather, which if unsuitable will result in it being attended to the next available working day.

We are not limited to tiles though: Deans Roofing can also repair damaged chimneys, fascias, soffits, gutters, roofing sections and more. Repairs to the guttering system can be done quite quickly, however fixing a section of the roof would obviously require a bit more time and planning.

For more information on our types of roofing repair, please contact us on 01273 525395.