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Lead Roofing

Lead is less commonly used these days as a roofing material, however it has a number of advantages. Many homes in the Sussex area have lead roofs which has resulted in giving them some of the nation's finest architecture. Lead roofing and sand cast lead are particularly used for churches and other old/historical buildings.

More modern day buildings use another alternative known as milled lead, a type of lead which is mass produced. The former type of lead is more traditional than the modern day alternatives. It is also considerably cheaper and can last for decades. For this reason, Deans Roofing use good quality lead that is reclaimable and can be re-recycled many times over.

A typical lead roof lasts as much as 3 times longer than most other types of roofing materials. This can even be extended by using what is known as lead flashing - a thin, waterproof layer of material which securely protects your roof from water and makes sure that it doesn't seep in through any small gaps or crevices.

Since lead is a re-shapable material, it is also easy to work with than many other materials (and it looks good on your roof too)! Another advantage of lead is that it is extremely resilient. It contracts and expands in different temperatures. So be it a hot day in Summer or a cold day in Winter, the lead is able to adapt as necessary.

If you'd like to know more about lead flashing, please contact us on 01273 525395.