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Felt Roofing

Felt roofs are technically a type of flat roof, however this deserves a page of its own. Deans Roofing often work with felt as it is a popular roofing material that is commonly used on extensions and garage roofs as well as some homes). You might have seen this type of roof being fitted with bitumen oil in the past - it is a time consuming process and is nowadays done with a blow torch for convenience.

Felt is a light material, meaing it can easily be fitted onto smaller structures without too much difficulty. It happens to be low cost too - much cheaper than asphalt, fibreglass and PVC, making it an ideal choice for homeowners.

A slight disadvantage is that it does have a fairly short lifetime (about 35 years or so) as it is not the most weather resistant of all materials. This does lead to an advantage though as any damaged areas can be replaced (or torched over) very quickly. Also, being so flexible, it can be cut or joined to fit any shape or size as needed. For this reason, felt roofs are recommended for properties that have easy roof access.

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